Character Design #


「貓 圖騰 ‧ CATTOO」系列作品 ( 2007開始創作 ) 源自車廂設計比賽 " 創意列車 " 得獎作品 「幸運是您」。因為繪畫了很多很多貓,身上像刺青般滿佈花紋,後來用上'CAT'、'TOO'、'TATTOO'三組字定名"CATTOO"。希望透明貓眼(第三者)的角度看世界,總總事情都可能很美好 -------- 幸運依然隨著您 !

The other series collection "CATTOO" (creation started since 2007), proclaimed from the prize-winning design "Wishing You Luck" of the Compartment Design Competition - 'Creative Compartment'. Since have painted as many of cats, as like tattoo all over the body, "CATTOO" was named from 'CAT', 'TOO' and 'TATTOO'. Hoping through the eyes of the cat (a third party's perspective) to look at the world, everything can be wonderful ------ Good luck is still being with you !